The Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC’s Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology is a unique facility that unites world-class researchers in a variety of disciplines centered around structures of the craniofacial region. Since its inception in 1991, CCMB has been home to several major discoveries and has attracted top researchers from around the world.

July 16, 2019

New publication from Chen lab

Shao Q#, Yang M#, Liang C, Ma L, Zhang W, Jiang Z, Luo J, Lee JK, Liang C, Chen JF. (2019) C9orf72 and Smcr8 mutant mice reveal MTORC1 activation due to impaired lysosomal degradation and exocytosis. Autophagy, in press.

June 24, 2019

Janet Moradian-Oldak Receives 2019 Basic Research in Biological Mineralization Award

Alexandria, Va., USA – The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) announced Dr. Janet Moradian-Oldak of the University of Southern California as the 2019 recipient of Basic Research in Biological Mineralization Award. Moradian-Oldak was recognized at the Opening Ceremonies of the 97th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR, held in conjunction with the 48th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR). The IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre West Building in Vancouver, BC, Canada from June 19-22, 2019.


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